Tuesday, October 26, 2010

fleeting craftiness

Here are some projects I have been working on:

The Goomba quilt - almost done now, just a few more feet of binding to sew on.

Halloween bat pillow and weighted pincushion/scrap bag device

New purse with lots of storage made out of IKEA origami animal fabric (amazing, btw)

Future projects:

1) Pile of aqua and red fabric scraps - I'm thinking these are destined for a star quilt at some point. I am waiting to get a few half yards of Moda Bliss fabric to start this project since I am completely in love with the prints (may be awhile since I am *completely* broke). 2) Dresser/vanity I bought on Craigslist. I have been sanding/disassembling this in the garage to paint, and discovered that it is from 1915 (at least the mirror is). I am very excited for this to be a bluish-green masterpiece when I'm through revamping it. I am also utterly thrilled about the claw feet. Pictures to come as I work on it.

Other than enjoying a few fleeting spurts of craft time, I have been pretty much just doing the same old thing: working too much during the week, and partying too much on the weekends. I am trying to get myself a second job somewhere to save up some money to help pay down my crippling student loan bills, and some other minor personal debt I have...not to mention paying for the things I have been putting off like new tires, oral surgery, etc. I have applied to several places close to my house and full time work, and it seems this job market is so bad that even places like Kwik Trip are not calling me for an interview for part-time work. What a huge bummer, and kind of a punch to the old ego...I'm really not "good enough" to get an interview at the Kwik Trip?? *sigh* We won't even go into my search for another full-time job...

If anyone knows of any other ways to save up an extra few thousand dollars on the side please let me know. P.S. Prostitution is not an option. I've thought about it, and ruled it out.

(wish I was) listening to: Light Chasers by Cloud Cult

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  1. Jan, it's not that you're not good enough for Kwik Trip, it's that you're TOO good, and they know it and are embarrassed to even try to call you because their ears would melt from shame once your glorious voice hits them.


    I don't know how you feel about nonprofits, but I look at this site every day just to see what's out there: http://www.mncn.org/jobs/user_view.asp?JobCategory=%25&OrgType=%25&JobSort=&JobLocation=%25&JobType=%25&Submit=Search

    Copy/paste, bro.