Monday, July 19, 2010

The Frantic Crafter

I don't have much time here, but I feel like I need to update about my recent craft fever. I have had several ideas for various craft projects buzzing around in my head, but not nearly enough time to work on them. I sit at work all day thinking about what I would like to come home and work on, but I never seem to have the time at night that I need to make much progress with anything. I had a little bit of time this weekend (between the bar outings, hangouts, errands, and getting trapped by tornadoes) to complete and start some of the projects I have been thinking about. Here are a few recaps:

I fixed my failure sign and I think it looks pretty presentable now.

I made some cute coasters out of tile, scrapbook paper, and acrylic sealer

I also made another enormous mess of the craft room (after I just cleaned it) starting a few new quilt tops.

This is shaping up to be another very busy social week again, so I'm not sure how many other projects I am going to get to work on. Among other things, this weekend I will be going to the horse races, attending the Red Bull Flugtag, drinking beer out of a giant boot for a friend's birthday, and getting together with my dad to plan a dresser he is going to help me build. Here we go again!

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