Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursdays are Busydays

I can't believe it is Thursday again...ugh what a bummer...this summer is really flying by (tends to happen when you live almost solely for your weekends). Despite deciding to leave work at 12:30 today it still feels like I got nothing accomplished in the Real World. I had the best intentions of getting so many things accomplished in my 4 hours of freedom, but it seems that the gods of productivity were conspiring against me today. Partner in Crime had to work an unexpected all-nighter last night, and *surprise surprise* the dog kept me up most of last night barking and whining, and startling herself awake at the sound of cars outside. Soooo...with both of us tired as all get out, not a whole lot got done in the way of household chores today, and to top it all off it seems that Little Beast may have actually peed on the bed without me noticing. *sigh* But how can you get too mad at something with such a cute little mug?

(excuse the blurriness, this was taken in a poorly lit room with a phone many of my photos probably will be)

I did do at least one exciting thing today, though, which was adding to my ::ridiculously well-stocked, over-admired, and under-used:: fabric stash. I have been contemplating getting some fabric from Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley line for quite some time now, but high prices and "me not having any kind of plan for it" have been holding me back. I decided to bite the bullet today, though, and buy some fat quarters of the "new day" colorway. The store was missing some of the prints from this colorway, so I will probably end up having to fill in the gaps with some online purchasing, but for now I have 5 nice FQs to hold and ponder.

I have a feeling this will be sitting on my shelf unused for some time until I have some kind of plan for it, or I feel ballsy (ovariesy doesn't sound very good) enough to cut it. I also ponied up the dough for 2 - 1/2 yards of my favorite prints from Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane line, and two other FQs that struck my fancy.

As of right now I have no plans for these fabrics, but they will supplement my stash nicely until I find a use for them. I am definitely an impulse fabric buyer, but I buy in small quantities so it is more affordable, and I have a larger variety of fabric to play with. I rarely buy fabric in quantities over 1 yard unless it is required for a pattern, it is a beloved print that I feel I will use copious amounts of over time, or it is a basic print or solid that I can use in many projects.

Anyways, it is starting to get late and I could go on and on about fabric, but for right now I will stop. I will likely not have much time to invest in this little bloggy blog over the weekend due to massive amounts of plans (ie truck pull/cheese fest, adult hangout/Dr Who/toddler bash, baking lessons with my mom, and a beer tasting to name a few), but I will do my best not to neglect posting entirely. Since Whiskey Pete, my precious sewing machine, is on the fritz I will not get many opportunities to work on any sewing projects until he is mended. Perhaps in the meantime while he is away at the fixery I will update with some WIPs (works in progress) and introduce this new blog to my craft room? We shall see...stay tuned.

Stella says "goodnight."

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  1. arrrrghhh! stella is SO cute! and those fabrics look sweet, and "ovariesy"?! ha!